Exit information for Guangzhou Railway Metro Station

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is one of the biggest railway stations in China and  Guangzhou Railway Metro Station is one of the biggest metro stations in Guangzhou. This station is always busy day and night.
Although there are many wholesale markets around the Guangzhou Railway Metro Station, you will need to know the location of the correct exit of the metro station to use so you do not get lost.
The following is information about how to exit the Guangzhou Railway Metro Station to find the wholesale markets.

Exit A:  Huanshi Xi Lu (rd) (环市西路)
①    Caonuan Park ( 草暧公园)
②    Bus Terminal at Guangzhou Railway Station ( 广州火车站公交总站)
③    Mediterranean Parting (地中海停车场)
④    Airport Express (民航机场快线)
⑤    Taxi Stand (出租汽车站)
⑥    East Square of Guangzhou Railway Station(广州火车站东广场)
⑦    Railway Station Booking Office (火车站售票大厅)
⑧    Guangzhou Metro Design & Research Institute Co. Ltd (广州地铁设计研究院有限公司)

Exit D1 : West Square of Guangzhou Railway Station ( 广州火车站西广场)
①    Liuhua Post Office (流花邮局)

Exit D2: Huanshi Xilu (rd) (环市西路)

Exit D3: Huanshi Xilu (rd) (环市西路)
①    West Square of Guangzhou Railway Station ( 广州火车站西广场)

Exit D4:Zhanqian Lu (站前路)
①    Huanshi Xilu (环市西路)
②    Renmin Beilu (人民北路)
③    Guangzhou Terminal Bust Station and Liuhua Bus Station (广州汽车客运站和流花车站)
④    Friendship Theater (友谊剧院)
⑤    Kapok International Fashion City(红棉国际时装城)
⑥    Xin Da Di Fashion Plaza (新大地服装城)
⑦    SPD BANK ( Hong Mian Sub-Branch)(浦发银行红棉支行)

Exit E: Huanshi Xilu (rd) (环市西路)

Exit F: Guangyuan Lu (广园路)

Exit H: Zhannan Lu (站南路)
①    Pasenger Transport Station of Guangzhou (广州汽车客运站)
②    The First Tunnel Fashion City (第一大道服装城)

Exit G: Huanshi Xilu (rd) (环市西路)
①    Guangzhou Baima Garment Market (广州白马服装市场)
②    Guangzhou Changjiang International Fashion City(广州长江国际服装城)


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