YiSen leather market


Yishen Leather Market

Yi Sen leather market is located in the center of Zi Yuan Gang leather wholesale area. It is a large and prominent building so you won't miss it. It has over 300 shops and a leather goods exhibition hall.

Yisen Leather Market have more than 300 leather goods shops and leather goods exhibition hall, products are fashionable and diverse, both middle and low high, mainly in the high-end leather goods, a group of famous quality leather goods. Its products include: handbags, briefcases, shoulder bags, backpacks, bags, and tourism bags, belts,wallets, shoes, leather metal, paper and other materials.

Yisen Leather Market have a good internal environment and facilities. Apart from the basis of quick and thoughtful service, Yisen Leather Market for foreign trade customers, translation, legal advice and other top quality business services, especially for customers around the world including suppliers, negotiate (translation), import and export, transport, insurance, international settlement, part of a full service trade.

Yisen Leather Market adjacent to the Guangzhou Railway Station and the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, convenient transportation, and environmental advantages.

Address: 1389 Jie Fang Bei Road, Guangzhou(chinese: 亿森皮具城,广州市解放北路1389号)

Yishen Leather Market

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