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Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market

Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market located in the transportation interchange of Zhanqianlu, which is the most developed transportation region in Guangzhou city, the market is close to the Guangzhou Railway Station, bus station and metro station enjoying a carefree transportation condition. Jinxiang Underwear Wholesale Market is one of the most professional market in Guangzhou wholesale garment district. Gathered at the many …

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Liuhua Clothing Wholesale market

Guangzhou Liuhua clothing wholesale market is located opposite the Guangzhou railway station, adjacent to the Guangzhou Bus Terminal, connecting to the Chinese Export Commodities Fair, the Kan Le Fashion World and the Bai Ma (White Horse) clothes building, and many other garment wholesale market. Liuhua clothing wholesale market has 13 clothing wholesale centres, including a large-including Baima, Bubugao, Tian Ma …

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Guangzhou Gaodi Street–Underwear and Belt Wholesale Market

GaoDi Street is a Guangzhou historic street, it is the ancients "the sentiment" witness. During Qing Dynasty, the imperial examination in Guangzhou, most of the scholars are in GaoDi Street. Guangzhou's traditional signature market. North to Haizhu Square. Since 1980, Gaodi Street is developed to be the underwear, swimwear& apparel wholesale street in Guangzhou. Gaodi Street is China’s famous underwear …

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